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I love all things Irish, the language, a good cup of tea,

soda bread, Guinness stew, smoked salmon, banoffee

pie, green hills, happy cows, cheddar cheese,... and all

things Southern, sweet iced tea, southern hospitality,

everything written by authors Louise Penny and

Elizabeth Buchan, Johanna Trollope, winter sunsets,

driving through hot desert nights with the windows

open, coffee and conversation with good friends,

Katherine Hepburn movies, dessert, intimate

gatherings and bright breezy days. 

I live in Southern California where I learned humility

by teaching school to remarkably well-behaved 6th

graders, and in County Kerry, Ireland where I take

long walks, listen to traditional music, sigh over gray

skies, Skype with my four adorable grandchildren

and, when the muse strikes, write another novel.

Jeanette Baker





Now Available

Two women on a course to confront the past, one to expose its secrets, the other to bury them. 


Claire Williams travels halfway across the globe from Southern California to Ireland to find the mother who gave her up and the questions that need answering. Norah O’Connor is equally determined to avoid revisiting the most shameful time of her life and the devastating decisions she was forced to make.


Claire’s presence fifty years later is the engine for the confrontations to come when neighbors Norah has known forever recognize Claire’s resemblance to a younger sister. Norah must face the man who fathered both her daughters, and decide to either hold the secrets that continue to embitter her or release them for the shame that will surely mark her.


"Birthright will find a welcome place in any library strong in stories of mother/daughter relationships, Irish culture, and the special conundrums faced by adult children who seek answers to the decisions their birth parents made."

Midwest Book Review

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