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Blood Roses

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How does a woman pick up the pieces after witnessing her husband’s brutal murder? And how does she live with the ache in her heart that comes from losing the kind of man who appears only once in a lifetime?

Kate Nolan has taken it one day at a time for the past six years — believing she can make a difference in the politics of Northern Ireland, believing her children will live to see peace in their country.

But sixteen-year-old Kevin Nolan does not believe in much anymore, and despite the efforts of his mother and sister he turns to others for solace. When he is arrested for dealing drugs, he and his mother are given a choice: Kevin can go to prison or he can become an informant.

Now Kate and her children are forced to acknowledge that treachery and duplicity are closer to home than they’d ever imagined. As their world unravels, their search for justice, honesty and peace becomes inextricably entangled with betrayal and murder.

A woman, a son and a daughter cannot look toward the future until they avenge the sins of the past.